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The Hamilton Veale
Contrast Sensitivity Test

The Hamilton Veale
Eye Test

Complete Contrast Sensitivity and Home Eye Test Kit - Only
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Introducing the Hamilton Veale contrast sensitivity test

We are all familiar with visual acuity (20/20). Most commonly, this is tested by your eye specialist using the Snellen chart (bottom right).

However, this test is not a comprehensive means of measuring a person's visual ability. In day to day life, it is often far more important to be able to see the edge of the pavement, or the beginning of the backdoor steps, than being able to read a sign across the street.

This kind of visual recognition can only be tested with a contrast sensitivity test.

What is a Contrast sensitivity test

A contrast sensitivity test, checks for the ability to differentiate between light and dark (contrast). This ability, is as much an important sense as 20/20, allowing us to be able to carry out everyday tasks safely.

The Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity Test (photo below), is an effective means of monitoring potential decreases in contrast sensitivity function over time. Even though a person is provided with the best possible refraction (glasses, etc...) they may still complain of not seeing clearly. This problem is often related to a loss of contrast sensitivity.

Contrast Sensitivity Test
The Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity Chart - Complete Solution


HamiltonVeale Contrast Sensitivity Chart
The Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity Chart

Snellen chart
The Snellen Chart

History of the Hamilton Veale Contrast Sensitivity Test

Why John developed the Hamilton Veale?

Previous testing charts, such as The Pelli-Robson chart, were large, complicated to use and to interpret. As a result, it is not used often enough, in clinical practice or for home testing.

Contrast sensitivity is of concern to everyone interested in diagnosing and treating vision impairment. Eye specialists routinely test eyes for visual acuity, 20/20 or 6/6.

Seldom do they test for the other most important functions of vision; Fields and Contrast Sensitivity. (see example)

There is a need for an easy to understand chart that will test for a loss in Contrast Sensitivity. Loss of Contrast Sensitivity will indicate a serious loss of visual function, and this loss is usually a sign of eye disease.

Ophthalmic professional advice should be sought if a loss in contrast sensitivity is detected.

Remember that a 20/20 result in visual acuity will not always uncover a possible hidden loss in contrast sensitivity.

A test for the hidden loss of vision

John Veale has spent many years developing and testing his contrast sensitivity chart to assist in the measurement of visual loss.

The final product is easy to use, easy to store and easy to track any changes in vision.

Testing yourself for glaucoma and macular degeneration. Record your results.

A simple record of regular results made from testing with the Hamilton-Veale Contrast sensitivity Chart will indicate stability of your eye condition or deterioration. There may be minor fluctuations of the results due to: testing time of the day, lighting and how you are feeling. If there are fluctuations test daily, until a stable result is recorded. If there is a consistent deterioration, consult your eye specialist immediately. Take the chart and results with you, when you consult your eye specialist, so that they can see the reason for your visit.

Remember, the test does not compensate for a thorough eye examination.

Our Home Test Kit is the affordable and easy to use solution for testing your own eyes to find evidence of cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration.
The Home Test Kit includes one Hamilton-Veale Contrast Sensitivity Test, usage instructions, and a sheet for keeping a record of your level and progress.

The Hamilton Veale
Contrast Sensitivity Test

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Contrast Sensitivity Test - Only
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Test your own eyes at home with The Hamilton Veale Eye Test

Seeing is our most important sense. About 80% of all our knowledge and management of daily life skills, are done by our vision. All medical doctors include a visual check, and in developed countries, vision is tested from birth, right through life, regularly. As we age, vision in general deteriorates. As a result, Eye Specialists recommend regular eye checks. These will include:
1. Refraction – calculation of the power of the eyes.
2. Media examination – to check for cataracts and other opacities.
3. Fundii examination – to observe the integrity of the back of the eye.
4. Intraocular pressure – to exclude glaucoma or the possible development of glaucoma.

And, of course, the eyes ability to see.

Distance Vision is checked by a Snellen Chart. Each eye is checked to record the smallest letters seen.

Near Vision is checked on a chart like the Rose-Blackbirds near chart.

Distortion of Vision is checked on an Amsler Chart.

These three important eye tests are available on the Hamilton-Veale Eye Test. It can be used by General Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses, School Teachers, People working with older folk, or by yourself.

The chart is simple to use:

The 3-metre Distance Chart should be placed at three metres or 10 feet. Hold your hand over one eye and read down to the smallest line. Record the letter under the line achieved, I.E. 9=6/9 12=6/12. Read down with the other eye and record, then do the same with both eyes looking.

The Log MAR Reading Test should be done holding the chart in your hands at your normal reading distance. Test each eye, covering the other and reading to the smallest row seen. Record the N level, for example, N8 right, N12 left, N8 both eyes.

The Amsler Grid Eye Chart should be used to test distortion of vision in each eye individually. Look closely at the spot in the centre of the grid. If there is any distortion observed at all, an immediate eye examination is essential. Distortion of the lines will often indicate retinal changes and that could be due to numerous causes and especially macular changes. If the lines are grey or there are blank areas on the grid, media opacities or field loss, could be the cause. Immediate consultation with your Eye Specialist is essential. Urgent self referral may save your vision.

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, a drop in your ability to see as clearly from your last eye test, may indicate that the cataract has got worse.

Macular Degeneration
If there is a drop in visual acuity at distance or near, or there is distortion or shadows on the Amsler Chart, an urgent Eye Specialists consultation is necessary.

Regular eye checks are required if glaucoma is diagnosed, but if there is a loss of visual acuity or greyness observed when testing on the Hamilton-Veale Eye Test, an urgent consultation with your Eye Specialist is recommended.

As we age, all of us will have a change in the power of the eyes. A power anomaly will result in poor visual acuity and this can be detected by the Hamilton-Veale Eye Test, and an optometrist eye examination is indicated.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Can lead to a loss of visual acuity and distortion on the Amsler Gold Eye Chart and an urgent consultation with an Eye Specialist is essential.

Test your Own Eyes
Why test my own eyes? Eye examinations are expensive. However, they are the only way a diagnosis can be made, which would lead to treating the visual problem.
There is no harm done testing your own eyes regularly, as if deterioration is noticed, and an Eye Specialist’s consultation sort, you may save your sight. It is well recognised that the earlier a diagnosis or help is sort, the more chance that sight can be saved.
If you are concerned about a loss of vision, now or in the future, you should test your eyes from time to time. It is important to record your finding. On the calendar is a good place. If a change or loss in vision is detected, a prompt call to your Eye Specialist is advised. In that way your vision could be saved. Many people do not notice a loss in one eye, so test each eye individually.


The Hamilton-Veale Eye Test

Test your eyes at home with a professional kit containing;

Distance Vision Test
This is a 3 metre/10feet Snellen visual acuity test. This test is the same all eye doctors and general practices use. Set it up at home or your consulting room at a distance of 10 feet. Cover one eye and read to the lowest row of letters. The row of letter has a number beneath. Record this number, then test the other eye. Record, then test and record looking with both eyes.
6/6 = 20/20 6/9=20/30 6/12=20/40 6/18=20/60 6/24=20/80 6/60=20/200
A loss in one line in Visual Acuity is significant and urgent eye specialist appointment should be made.

Near Vision

The Rose-Blackbirds LogMAR near vision test is used around to the world. It is used to calculator the reading power required for people with presbyopia and those over 40 years of age.
It is also used by the Low Vision profession to calculate the magnification needed to read comfortably.
The rule of thumb is that one needs to see the N5 or 0.4 logMAR to read newsprint.
Test each eye individually then together. If there is a difference between eyes or N5 is not seen, an eye specialist's consultation is recommended. If a loss of vision of 2 lines on the Rose-Blackbirds chart is noticed and urgent appointment should be made with an eye specialist.

Macular Check
If there is a drop in visual acuity at distance or near, or there is distortion or shadows on the Amsler Chart, an urgent Eye Specialists consultation is necessary.
A macular degeneration check is essential for any people over 60 years of age.

The Hamilton-Veale Eye Test is an essential set for;
All Doctors, use in consulting rooms, home and rest home visits and by people who want to test their own vision.

The Hamilton Veale
Home Eye Test
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Home Eye Test - Only
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The Hamilton-Veale Professional Packs and Complete Home Test Kits

The Hamilton Veale
Complete Testing Kits

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Contrast Sensitivity and Eye Test Professional Pack - Only
$349 USD

For professional use only.
FREE shipping on all orders
Lifetime replacement warranty.

Complete Contrast Sensitivity and Home Eye Test Kit - Only
$149 USD

Test your own eyes.
FREE shipping on all orders
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

John Hamilton Veale
holding the
Pelli Robson Chart developed in 1988.

The Pelli Robson is the accepted gold standard for measuring contrast sensitivity.